Cookie Shot Orange Brownie Biscuits


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Deliciously zesty – our gluten free & wheat free orange chocolatey shots combine zingy citrus with the finest cocoa powder, to make the perfect guilt free bite size bicscuits. Chocolatey melt in your mouth morsels with only 4g and 18 calories per mini cookie.
That is why we have chosen to include the products of The Foods of Athenry in our range.

A little of what you fancy…. Treat yourself with our fines vegan-friendly mini cookies.

Nutrition facts per 100 gr:

Discription Value
Energy 1892kJ (451kcal)
Protein 3,5 g
Carbohydrate 58,7 g
of which sugars 25 g
Fats 22,5 g
of which saturated 8,2 g
Dietary fiber 2,5 g
Salt 0,3 g

Ingredients: Gluten & Wheat free flour (maize, rice, potato, tapioca, buckwheat), 100% Vegetable non-hydrogenated margarine, Sugar, Cocoa powder (7%), Concentrated Grape juice, Orange Rind Oil, Raising agents (mono calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), stabiliser: xanthan gum. Margarine contains: vegetable oils (sustainable palm oil, rapeseed oil), water, salt, emulsifier: E475,natural colours: curcumin, annatto, natural flavouring.